Portunes & Salacia Revisited

Kerrie J Robinson

Portunes & Salacia Revisited came about whilst I was listening through unused material for the album Thalassing, which was written and recorded with Michael Tanner and released on the Clay Pipe label back in 2001.

Although released more than 10 years ago, when the album was re-issued on vinyl last year, I went back to our original recordings and realised that we had made more material, with the intention of releasing a follow-up some day. The guitar & accordion on this track jumped out at me - unused sections from the track Portunes & Salacia, quite possibly, and I began to play around with the sound. I chopped, skewed, added effects then recorded the semi-improvised piano part on top. It was interesting to listen and respond to the material again after such a long period of time: the result, I think, is like a conversation with the past.

Composed Music